Safety when traveling

Written by Sven Larsen  -  Updated on 2019-09-01

Who wants to several months traveling through Africa, has no choice but to deal with the issue of security when traveling. You can either avoid risky situations or take precautions in case of emergency. Nevertheless, the fun should not be left behind. It's not easy to make the right intersection.


During my travel planning, I often dealt with the subject of insurance. For the car in general and during the shipment, foreign health insurance, emergency insurance, return insurance and travel cancellation insurance. The list is endless.

Hands up, I'm a tourist


One thing may be mentioned on the topic of security: After all, I am asked, surprisingly often, if I have a weapon with me, which I find extremely disturbing. First of all, I suspect that I do not have the weapon at hand at the decisive moment anyway; To wear the same always at hand is still too wild west. Second, there is a high likelihood that I'll shoot myself in the foot rather than fend off an attacker. Or, thirdly, a weapon aggravates the situation rather additionally. I'm very pragmatic because if you really want to kill me, I do not have much to oppose. And who wants only my money, I bring that with a weapon probably rather on stupid thoughts.


So now I travel without a weapon but with a lot of optimism. And where that is missing, then just with an insurance.